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The Sexiest Elbows I’d Ever Seen by David Hadley


When we first met she was Emeritus Professor of Post-Colonial Marmalade at the University of Ffestiniog, and she had the sexiest elbows I had ever seen. We met at the Annual Ffestiniog Tapioca-Ignoring Convention, back in the late summer of ’83. At the time neither of us had a Tapioca-Ignoring partner, so naturally – once we found our handicaps were compatible – we teamed up for that autumn’s preliminary Tapioca-Ignoring Cup rounds. Of course, with both of us being amateurs we never expected to get to the finals.
Her name was Plenitude Cleavage and she came from the Welsh valleys, in fact she had quite a Welsh valley herself, never in my experience had I ever seen such a splendid example of nominative determinism in a woman’s body before

So, begins one of the greatest love stories of our age told here for the first time in ebook form for the Kindle.

This collection also contains several other stories of equal import, such as:

‘Shropshire Smith and the Temple of Vegetables’. A tale of adventure and excitement within a forgotten temple of one of the world’s oldest forgotten civilisations.

‘The Famed Vegetable Killer of Grimsby’. Murder most foul.

‘The Dancing Sex Nuns of the Tenth Quadrant’. A story of one of the great mysteries of the far future.

‘The man with the Golden Cheese Baguette’. The tale of Britain’s greatest spy and his attempt to thwart an evil genius with plans for world domination.

‘The Thing Falling Out of the Sky Incident’. Some claim there are aliens out there, waiting to invade Earth. Some say this has already happened.

Plus other stories, such as: ‘Feeling Betrayed’, ‘The Aftermath’, ‘The Perfect Woman’ and others the like of which you will never have read before.


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This entry was posted on October 11, 2013 by in The Sexiest Elbows I'd Ever Seen by David Hadley.

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