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One Minute Stories by Christian Blake


This book contains a mixture of 50 different very short stories (Slice of Life / Snippets / Short Shorts) from a child’s perspective.

Samantha sat on an old park bench surrounded by daisies, eating her ice cream and swinging her feet. The park bench said, “Would you like to hear a story?” Samantha nodded. “Yes, please.” The bench said, “This used to be a farm, and there was a schoolhouse over there. A boy and a girl would meet before class, and share warm buttered bread from the bakery. Sometimes, after school, they would have a picnic on the grass, eating grapes and cheese and crackers. And often, at night and under the stars, they would kiss and hold each other for many hours.” Samantha smiled. “That’s a nice story. Tell me another one.”

…and thus begins One Minute Stories.

This digital book is a work of fiction by Christian Blake and is approximately 7,000 words in length.


#2 – She Likes Pink Boots

Stacie slipped on the icy stairs at school in the early afternoon. She was lucky she didn’t break an ankle. The teacher said, “Those pink shoes are worthless in the ice and snow. You should buy a pair of boots.” But boots were clunky and ugly. Boots were for boys, and Stacie wasn’t a boy. Her mother asked, “Why won’t you wear the snow boots I bought you? Why do you insist on wearing the wrong shoes?” But her favorite shoes were the right shoes; they were pink with pink lace. They were perfect. “Mom! I want to look like a girl, not a boy!” Her mom finally understood and immediately took her to the shoe store. The next day at school, Stacie proudly showed her friends her new pink boots with slim pink laces and fluffy white fur at the top.

#8 – He Wore Blue Shoes To School

David’s dad wore fancy suits and colorful ties to work every day. He also wore shiny leather shoes: Brown shoes, black shoes, and, on occasion, a pair of blue shoes with white laces. David loved the blue shoes. They had a fuzzy feel to them. One day, he snuck his dad’s blue shoes into his backpack and took them to school. He asked the teacher for the hall pass to use the restroom, and he took the shoes with him and put them on. When he came back to class, the other kids laughed and jeered. But David didn’t care. He loved those blue shoes. When the teacher tried to take them off, she couldn’t. They were stuck on his feet. David laughed. “They won’t come off,” David said. “I squeezed super glue on the laces.”


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