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Kingdom of the Snark: Three Snarky Tales by Melanie Hatfield


If you enjoy fantastical tales of adventure, bravery and chivalry, then you should seek such yawn fests elsewhere. “Kingdom of the Snark: Three Snarky Tales” is a collection of three short stories featuring characters from the off-kilter fantasy comedy novel “Kingdom of the Snark: The Quest for the Sword.”

If you must know more about each tale before you depart from your hard earned coin, dear readers, then you shall find what you seek in the details below:

“A Tale of Fayna the Fearless”—Fayna the Fearless’ career as a Quester is put to an end when her father arranges her to wed the youngest son of the “Crazy Cat Queen” of Kanuta. When Fayna bails, the Crazy Cat Queen kidnaps her father and threatens to marry him instead. Can Fayna save her father from such a dreadful twist of fate, or shall the Crazy Cat Queen’s cuddly minions slay her in the process?

“A Tale of Gerald the Generous”—On his first real quest, a young Gerald the Generous assists a seasonal Quester named Randall the Rambunctious, whose sword was stolen by a tricky wizard. Being new to the questing profession, Gerald messes up the sword’s rescue mission and the wizard ensnares both Questers. The wizard trades them to a giant, who plans on using the youth for sport and the elder as an aphrodisiac. Can Gerald get his act together and save the day, or shall poor Randall be mashed up and licked off a horny giant’s unmentionable body parts?

“A Tale of the Lord Asher Dark”—If there is anything the Lord Asher Dark loves more than himself, it is gold. When Renee the Righteous requests his help to save her Questing Partner from the golden goblins of Mt. Mountain, he leaps at the chance…if only so he can pocket the goblin’s treasure for himself. A surprise attack from the Rabid Rainbow Rabbits separates him from Renee’s protection, and the Lord Asher Dark finds himself in the thick of the goblin’s lair. Can the Lord Asher Dark escape with the gold, or shall he find himself in a goblin stew with Renee’s Questing Partner?

So have a pint, stuff some weed in your pipe and enjoy these “Three Snarky Tales.”


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This entry was posted on July 26, 2013 by in Kingdom of the Snark: Three Snarky Tales by Melanie Hatfield.

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