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Tales of Legacy – Collection One by Blake Rivers

Tales of Legacy

Tales of Legacy – Collection One contains three short stories that branch off from the main storyline of The Assassin Princess – A Legacy Novel.

The Settlement of Edorus

A ship wrecks off an unfamiliar coast, and five survivors find themselves stranded in a strange land. Joe, the ship’s helmsman, leads them on a trek across mountains and through forests, in search of food, water and shelter; but the forest holds more in store for them than survival.

The Caravan of Carelessness

Peter writes to us a tale of how he once lived another life, as different man, in another world.

He tells of his journey from a great castle, upon the peak of a mountain city, in search of entrance to the mysterious and impenetrable dark forest, known as the Mortrus Lands.

The Musician’s Pride

John wakes from terrifying dreams where he remembers a life and family he has never had.

As he plays back the dream, we follow him into another world where he once played music, and joined a group of adventurers, who went in search of the Mortrus Lands.

In addition, a fourth short story is included:

The Tree – A Short, Magical, Love Story

Ben is an old man, who reflects on his long-lost love fifty years before, and the times they shared at the tree before she disappeared forever.


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