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Hotel for Spies (The Bard’s Bed & Breakfast Mysteries Double Bill Anthology) by Sara Barton

Double the intrigue! This special anthology welcomes you to the Bard’s Bed & Breakfast….Spies, lies, and bad guys abound in these two tales!
Ever passionate and protective, Bea works overtime to keep the bad guys at bay, her cunning husband on his toes, and the wily CIA officers on their best behavior. It’s a wild romp across the Vermont countryside as the spies run wild.
Hotel for spies
Let Slip the Dogs of WarA wily French spy, a Iranian seductress on the hunt to steal American secrets, a ruthless Russian spy with a grudge to settle….It all starts with a dead body under the bed….a young girl, naked, tattooed — who is she and where did she come from?The Bard’s Bed & Breakfast isn’t your typical hotel.Run by former CIA personnel, the proprietors cater to intelligence officers and others in the business of keeping national security secrets in need a safe place to stay….Duplicitous deceivers, treacherous traitors, and star-crossed lovers — what would Shakespeare make of all this mess?Beatrice (not her real name) and husband Benedick (not his real name) bicker incessantly, just as the characters from “Much Ado About Nothing”, even as they work to protect their young Syrian ward from becoming a pawn in the Syrian War.

There’s never a dull moment in Arden Woods!

A Plague O’Both Your Houses

A dying woman, experienced in creating and defusing chemical and biological weapons, is sent to the Bard’s Bed & Breakfast to live out her last days in comfort. Only trouble is she has no intention of going quietly! Linda Romano is determined to make everyone miserable or die trying!

The gang at the Bard’s Bed & Breakfast on Vermont’s Lake Champlain is back in another tale of twisted intelligence plots and deceptions that would have left Shakespeare shaking his head in dismay. Blackmail and murder are on the agenda as the bedridden patient forces her nurse, “Horrible Harry”, and her doctor to do her evil bidding. And the two Syrian wards, staying at the Bard’s for safekeeping? They’re anything but safe!


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