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Baron Catastrophe and The King of The Jackals (The Short Shorts) by Ryan Bracha

Baron Catastrophe and The King of The Jackals

Ever seen a sign above a shop, or on a fruit and vegetable seller’s stall on the market, and thought that it just doesn’t look quite right? You can’t quite put your finger on why it eats away at you?

Have you ever found yourself angry at the arrogance of an events promoter who continues to leave posters up for the event long after it has happened?

Do you defend the right of the apostrophe to be placed in the correct way whatever the costs?

Would you spend your every waking hour searching for bargains in a hobby that consumes your life so much that you’ll never pay full price for your dinner ever again?

Do you wonder what those little stockings that old people wear that only come up to halfway up the shin are called?

Do you know what the secret to the highest quality egg mayonnaise sandwich filler is?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then have no fear, you’re in good company!

Join our narrator as he ambles through life with a gnawing sense that the world is out to annoy him one misplaced apostrophe at a time.


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